12 travel tips from people who’ve been there….

Spring break is coming up and spring break means spring fever.  Spring fever means spring travel.

We’ve looked to some experts for some travel tips to share with you.

  1. Sign up for mileage with all airlines. It helps you accumulate points and get free upgrades or free flights/hotel stays.
  2. When booking tickets typically flying on a Tuesday Wednesday or Saturday are generally cheaper days to travel due to less of a demand for business travel.
  3. For longer flights, pack a travel pillow, toothbrush, and toothpaste in your carry on. I also recommend your contact case and contact solution (travel sized of course).  Unless you are going straight into meeting when you get off the flight, don’t be afraid to get comfortable.
  4. If traveling with small children please make sure your car seat has a sticker on it certifying it for use in an aircraft.  Without it, it cannot be used.
  5. If traveling with pets…  know the kennel size requirements.   Airlines have many different aircraft in their fleet.  A flight from Milwaukee to Chicago is on a small plane but you might connect onto a 737 in Chicago.  They have very different cargo bin sizes.
  6. Pack an EMPTY water bottle in your carry on bag .  You can fill it from a drinking fountain once you get thru security and save yourself the 4.00 charge in a gift shop.
  7. Your own headphones work to watch tv- so bring them. Be wary of the headphones you can get from the airline.  Bring your own blanket too.  I hate to say it- but those blankets are rarely cleaned.
  8. Invest in an eye mask for long flights.
  9. Know your airlines baggage size and weight restrictions.  A bag weighing 55 pounds will cost you $75.00 on most carriers but a 50 pound bag is only $25.00.  When in doubt you can always have an empty duffle bag tucked somewhere and check that fir an additional $25.00 still saving you the remaining 25.00.   Also on some/most carriers if you upgrade to first class at time if check in the bag fee is included.  So if it costs 100.00 to upgrade but you have 2 bags, you’re really only paying 50.00 for first class. When you book a ticket, you are requesting a specific seat.  However if you read the contract of sale it does not guarantee you THAT seat.   Only guarantees you a seat.   It will not do you any good to scream or threaten the ticket agent.   In fact just the opposite….  the nicer you are the more they will be willing to try and find passengers to switch with you.
  10. Discount carriers such as Frontier or Southwest do NOT have ticketing agreements with major carriers.  So understand if they cancel a flight they CAN NOT book you on a United or Delta flight to rebook you.  They can only book you on their airline.
  11. Tray tables aren’t exactly the most sanitary place on the plane. It’s not a bad idea to bring a travel pack of disinfecting wipes and wipe it down before setting your pretzels down on it.  Or at least- make sure to use a napkin!
  12. Know your airports code- so that when you check in and the luggage tag gets put on your bags, you can do a quick check before it goes onto the conveyor belt. The codes aren’t always intuitive (for example, New Orlean’s Louis Armstrong Airport is MSY), so check the list at here!

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