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Does your car have a bullseye on it?

“Personally, when I am working with a customer, I recommend trying to get the lowest deductibles you can afford for your comprehensive coverage,” said Christine of Richards Group, “we see far more comprehensive claims in our office than collision claims.”

Go ahead… Brag on your home a little!

We love hearing about your unique home.  We can really tell when someone has spent a lot of time and effort with making their home their own, which is why it is important to make sure the unique features of your home are properly documented in case of the unthinkable.  Don’t be afraid to brag on your place a little bit- we won’t mind.

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

You get a $10 gift card.
You donate $10 to a non-profit-  and it doesn’t even come out of your own pocket.
And you get a chance to save money on your insurance and/or improve your coverage.

I call that a win-win-win.  

Richards Named Finalist in BizTimes Media Non-Profit Excellence Awards

Richards Group is pleased and excited to announce that Christine Richards has been announced as a finalist for the Next Generation Leadership Award by BizTimes Media as part of their 5th annual Non-Profit Excellence Awards. The Non-Profit Excellence Awards program salutes southeastern Wisconsin’s best corporate citizens and most effective nonprofit organizatio ns and shines a light […]

And the Car Automatically Stopped…

Last night I was watching the thrilling Packers-Bears game, featuring the amazing comeback led by Aaron Rodgers.  I don’t watch much regular TV anymore since we pulled the plug on cable a few years back.  This means that I don’t see many commercials anymore.

However, one commercial during last night’s game caught my eye.  It was a Hyundai commercial about an adventurous little boy who really needed go wee wee while driving.  At the end of the commercial, this boy wants to get out of the car but cannot open the passenger door due to a safety sensor that keeps the door locked because of an oncoming vehicle.  If this boy would have been able to open the door, he possibly could have been hit by the oncoming car or that car could have hit the open door.   At one time or another, we all have almost opened car doors that almost got hit by an oncoming car or bike.  This is a very nice safety feature!

Please don’t break in to my sister’s house…

But my sister’s house is sitting empty for two whole weeks and she has broadcasted it to the world.  It’s like an open invitation for people to come rob her.

We were robbed once.

“Having our cars broken into was just like the frosting on the cake made of crap in our life…..”

“He also had a 36 pack of Coke. They took exactly 4 cans. Apparently they were thirsty from all that stealing.”

Bad things happen unexpectedly. Consider disability insurance.

We’ve all seen those commercials where the skier breaks his leg and his friends are laughing and telling him that he is going to have to move back in with his mother because he won’t be able to work and therefore won’t be able to pay the rent. While this is supposed to be a humorous example of disability insurance at work- because the actor is young and he had just moved out of his mom’s place to begin with- imagine how compounded the stress is when you can’t pay your mortgage because you can’t work- and you have four children with mouths to feed.

Don’t Light Your Neighbors House on Fire (And Other Tips)

Eventually, these neighbor kids started aiming their fireworks at all of the neighbor’s houses. I saw a few land on my roof and was anxious that one of the sparks would light up some debris on my roof and start my home on fire due to the dryness. I took out my hose and sprayed down my roof and wooden siding to hopefully prevent a fire.

But what would have happened if these kids started someone’s home on fire with their fireworks?

“Why do you always talk about life insurance?”

You may have life insurance through work. And that is great. But it is not enough. And if you get sick… like life-threatening sick- you may not be able to work any longer. If you change jobs (or lose your job), your benefits will end or change with the new employer. The best thing to do for your loved ones is to buy a life insurance policy outside of your employer.


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