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Meet Dennis and Christine Richards

We asked Dennis and Christine to introduce themselves as part of a series to get to know what makes the best insurance agents in Southeastern Wisconsin tick.

When Better Call Saul Comes After YOU!

What do you do when the attorneys come after YOU after an auto accident?

Baby it’s cold out there

Winter in Wisconsin comes in many forms.  Snow, ice, freezing rain, freezing fog (yes, that’s a thing).  All of these winter events make driving very hazardous. In a previous job, I used to drive throughout the state and during the winter months experienced some adventurous drives home.  The goal was to not get into an […]

Who is an entrepreneur that inspires you?

…maybe one of them (our kids) will catch the entrepreneurial bug as well and we will have a 4th generation business owner coming up the ranks!

This referral program for 2019 is our most ridiculously amazing one yet.  Here’s why:

For each referral, we will make a $10 donation to the non-profit of your choice

From a voice that shakes… to a voice with power…

We are creating a non-profit to help sexual assault survivors find their voice. Will you help us?

The reason I started my company is…

“Hopefully, I am inspiring my children by actually following my dreams instead of just talking about it.”

Engaged Couples- win a Honeymoon Fund!

During the wedding show, Richards Group will be having a Guess the Honeymoon Fund contest, where visitors to the booth can guess how much money is in the Honeymoon Fund box.  At the end of the show, the person who either guesses the exact amount or comes closest without going over will win the contents of the Honeymoon Fund box. (Contents may include objects in addition to money).

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