Does your car have a bullseye on it?

Christine and I only live about 15 minutes away from our office.  One would think that it is a very easy commute being so close together.  However, often times we feel like we are going through an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course getting to work.

One our way to work, we need to be aware of a rafter of turkeys (a rafter is a group of turkeys, and yes I had to look it up), large cranes (the bird, not the construction equipment), and deer.  Plenty of deer.  Sometimes our commute consists of a combination of these animals darting into the road.

With these hazards, we always pay extra attention while driving these roads.  Of course, a deer or turkey has a mind of its own and can still run into a car no matter how careful we are driving.

I once purchased a car, drove it off the dealership lot and one mile later a deer ran into me and crushed my driver side door and mirror while I was stopped.

Comprehensive coverage on your Auto Insurance is what covers accidents involving animals.  If you do not carry Comprehensive on your Auto Insurance and you hit a deer, then there is no coverage to repair your vehicle.  Comprehensive coverage also help with windshield chips and cracks, vandalism, and car theft.  It is even the coverage that you may want if you like to drive your car on the ice on those sunny melt-y days. It is generally inexpensive to carry on your policy and there are a variety of different deductibles to help fit the coverage into what you want it to do.

Deer accidents are very common is Wisconsin.  Accidents with other animals are fairly common as well.

“Personally, when I am working with a customer, I recommend trying to get the lowest deductibles you

can afford for your comprehensive coverage,” said Christine of Richards Group, “we see far more comprehensive claims in our office than collision claims.”

A lot of people think that they have to have matching comprehensive and collision deductibles or that if don’t have collision coverage they can’t have comprehensive.  Both of these things are false.  There are a lot of different options.   It pays to have a conversation with your insurance agent to see what options you have around Comprehensive coverage on your Auto Insurance.

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