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Why your insurance agent matters.

As an insurance agency owner, there are some phrases that I hear alot that make me cringe. “Give me an apples to apples quote”. “We’re going to give you an apples to bananas quote here. Because your apple might suck. Sorry.” “I’m on a fixed income.” “Show me someone who isn’t. The price of your […]

Meet Dennis and Christine Richards

We asked Dennis and Christine to introduce themselves as part of a series to get to know what makes the best insurance agents in Southeastern Wisconsin tick.

Baby it’s cold out there

Winter in Wisconsin comes in many forms.  Snow, ice, freezing rain, freezing fog (yes, that’s a thing).  All of these winter events make driving very hazardous. In a previous job, I used to drive throughout the state and during the winter months experienced some adventurous drives home.  The goal was to not get into an […]

The reason I started my company is…

“Hopefully, I am inspiring my children by actually following my dreams instead of just talking about it.”

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

You get a $10 gift card.
You donate $10 to a non-profit-  and it doesn’t even come out of your own pocket.
And you get a chance to save money on your insurance and/or improve your coverage.

I call that a win-win-win.  

We were robbed once.

“Having our cars broken into was just like the frosting on the cake made of crap in our life…..”

“He also had a 36 pack of Coke. They took exactly 4 cans. Apparently they were thirsty from all that stealing.”

“Why do you always talk about life insurance?”

You may have life insurance through work. And that is great. But it is not enough. And if you get sick… like life-threatening sick- you may not be able to work any longer. If you change jobs (or lose your job), your benefits will end or change with the new employer. The best thing to do for your loved ones is to buy a life insurance policy outside of your employer.

Richards Group gives back to the Community

At Richards Group Insurance, we believe in bringing out the good in our community and helping those who need it most.

Our referral program for 2018 is amazing

For each referral, we will give you a $10 gift card to either Amazon, Starbucks, or Target (you get to pick) – as a Thank you!

We will also give $10 to either the Fisher House (Veteran families), the Women’s Center (Domestic Violence Shelter), Tricia’s Troops (Cancer patients), or Milwaukee Street Angels (homelessness in Milwaukee) (you get to pick)- as a Thank you- because it’s important to give back to the community!

Is a new home in your future? It can be!

Lots of people are going to be in the mood to put there houses on the market this spring. They saw how fast people’s homes sold last year- and figure they want to get in on the action. So if you are at all interested in possibly buying a home- this is a GREAT time to move on that thought. Come find out what your options are for a mortgage in person- from a real mortgage officer (not the Internet). You’ll find out more good information in 45 minutes from a legit source- than you will from 3-4 hours of searching online and wondering if you got actual facts.


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