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Adopting a dog? Here’s what you need to know about your insurance.

These claims generally happen one of three ways:

Your pet bites a human.
Your pet injures someone else’s pet.
Your pet injures another human- by knocking them down.  Typically, this is a child, a bicyclist, an elderly person, or someone at a dog park who had their back turned to a wild, running pack of dogs.

Do I need renters insurance if I live with my parents?

Here’s a little known fact:  You don’t have to pay rent to have a “renters” insurance policy.  Don’t need to have a lease.  You don’t have to be living in an apartment building.  If you are living in a house or a space that you don’t own- it is a good idea to buy renters insurance.  Even if the people that own the place are your own parents.

When Better Call Saul Comes After YOU!

What do you do when the attorneys come after YOU after an auto accident?

Baby it’s cold out there

Winter in Wisconsin comes in many forms.  Snow, ice, freezing rain, freezing fog (yes, that’s a thing).  All of these winter events make driving very hazardous. In a previous job, I used to drive throughout the state and during the winter months experienced some adventurous drives home.  The goal was to not get into an […]

The reason I started my company is…

“Hopefully, I am inspiring my children by actually following my dreams instead of just talking about it.”

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

You get a $10 gift card.
You donate $10 to a non-profit-  and it doesn’t even come out of your own pocket.
And you get a chance to save money on your insurance and/or improve your coverage.

I call that a win-win-win.  

Please don’t break in to my sister’s house…

But my sister’s house is sitting empty for two whole weeks and she has broadcasted it to the world.  It’s like an open invitation for people to come rob her.

We were robbed once.

“Having our cars broken into was just like the frosting on the cake made of crap in our life…..”

“He also had a 36 pack of Coke. They took exactly 4 cans. Apparently they were thirsty from all that stealing.”

Bad things happen unexpectedly. Consider disability insurance.

We’ve all seen those commercials where the skier breaks his leg and his friends are laughing and telling him that he is going to have to move back in with his mother because he won’t be able to work and therefore won’t be able to pay the rent. While this is supposed to be a humorous example of disability insurance at work- because the actor is young and he had just moved out of his mom’s place to begin with- imagine how compounded the stress is when you can’t pay your mortgage because you can’t work- and you have four children with mouths to feed.

Renters Insurance – your “stuff” is actually the frosting…

If you are over 18 and live in a home, apartment, or condo that you do not own- you need to have a renters policy- because if you cause any sort of damages to that living space, you can be held liable for those damages.

The main purpose is renters insurance isn’t really to cover your stuff at all. Consider that the frosting on the cake. You get coverage for your stuff as an extra. Your renter’s insurance policy is really your liability protection policy. And a really affordable one at that.


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