Do you need renters insurance? You bet you do!

I remember when I moved out of the college dorms at UW-Whitewater and into my very first apartment just off campus.  I was excited because it felt like I was “all grown up” and I was actually excited to get renters insurance because it just seemed like the adult thing to do.  Since then, I’ve rented six different places in my quest to continue my journey through life- and during my time as a renter, I never even thought of going without renters insurance.

Why Renter’s Insurance?

Think about a giant hand reaching out of the sky and picking up your rental unit and shaking it.  Everything that falls out of your apartment/duplex/etc are your personal contents.  Now think about how much it would cost if all of those were destroyed.

  • Every single piece of clothing you own
  • All of your electronics
  • All of your furniture
  • If you have purchased a washer/dryer or any of your kitchen appliances

That is going to add up to a pretty penny to replace.  Do you have savings to replace that?  I know I don’t.

Renter’s insurance will reimburse you for your belongings if you have a covered loss.  Isn’t that a relief?

Do you know what else is cool about renters insurance?  If something happens to your living space (a covered loss) and you have to find somewhere else to live while it is being fixed- your renters insurance will provide funds for that!

Renter’s insurance also provides you with liability protection.  This covers:

  • You and your immediate family if they are liable (cause injury to) someone (you forgot to salt the sidewalk of your duplex or your son hit a baseball through a neighbors window)
  • Your animal or an animal in your care is liable for an injury to someone (you were pet sitting your sister’s dog and it bit someone)

Lastly, you can purchase additional coverage on your renter’s insurance to provide for things such as:

Business property (if you sell an at-home product such as Party-Lite or Avon and you have samples or inventory in your unit  – or – you have a home office that has business equipment in it.)

Jewelry, Watches, Furs,  Etc  (you can add on additional limits for expensive items)

You never know when having renter’s insurance may come in handy.  Your next backyard party may get out of hand and destroy your neighbor’s apartment or your “friend” might trip over your cat at your place and sue you for $50,000.

Renter’s insurance is crazy affordable.  Most people think they can’t afford it, but in most cases, that is really not true.  In most cases, it will cost about the same as two people going to the movies a month.

Plus- if you can’t afford renter’s insurance- you really can’t afford to replace all of your possessions or get sued by someone because you have a dog that likes to nip at people.

So, give us a call and get a quote!  Make sure to protect your assets!


P.S.  Here is an example of an apartment fire my step-daughter saw in her apartment complex a few years ago.  You can watch the news video by click this link.



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