I need a guy (or a gal)!

Last year, one of our customers had a kitchen fire and had no idea where to start the process of cleanup and rebuilding.  While we were still at her house filing the claim, I was able to call one of my contacts to start the renovation process and that person showed up within 30 minutes of my call.

One of the benefits of my job is that I come into contact with a lot of people that can help our clients.

Are you looking to move into your first home or upgrade to a bigger home?  I know a good Realtor that can help you sell or buy your new home.  I also can help you get into contact with a good Mortgage Broker for mortgage or refinancing of a property.

Do you have water in your basement or just had a fire?  We have someone to help you.

Just got into a car accident (or are you in need of a new car) and need a new Toyota?  I know a good person to help you.

You are looking to upgrade your electricity in your home or business and don’t know a reputable electrician?  I know a good company.

Want to start getting into shape with your upcoming New Year’s Resolution?  I know a great Jazercize instructor that will make you feel welcome.

We have contacts for a good Estate Attorney to help you with your will and trust. A chiropractor for your back.  An exterior remodeler for your roof, siding, and insulation.  An Interior remodeler if you want to put on an addition or put in a new bathroom.  An accountant for your taxes (business or personal).

Having a party and don’t want to have to cook?  We can recommend a fantastic personal chef.   Need a new salon?  We have one.  Need holiday photos done or senior pictures done for your children?  We have a fantastic photographer all cued up for you.

Planning that dream trip to Europe?  Don’t waste time on the Internet doing it yourself when you can have an expert at your fingertips.  We have a “guy”!

And more!  So many more.

We want to be your resource when you need someone.  We have helped many clients that have moved from out of state and don’t know where to begin.  We have helped clients that are at their low points when their home is underwater or their prized car is totaled.  If we don’t have a resource, we probably know someone that does!

This is an added benefit to working with our insurance agency.  Our job is to help make sure that you are protected.  We want to be your resource when you need other professionals as well!

Richards Group is a family.  We treat our customers like family and when family needs something or someone – you help each other out.  That’s our philosophy and how we do business.

If any of the types of people I’ve mentioned above are people that could help you out, here is a FORM you can fill out to let us know.  All you have to do is check which referral partner of ours you want to be connected with and we’ll introduce you to our good friends.

In case you missed that- click here to find someone to help you! 

Oh- and if you have an amazing business that you think could benefit our customers and would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee with us- send us an email.  We would love to meet you!  We are all about spreading the love around town.  And if you are a Waukesha Area Business Owner, feel free to join the Facebook group that is meant to help spur business among fellow business owners in the area.

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