Hiring quality employees is hard- harder than I ever thought!

But we are on the search for one.  Actually- two.

And I’ll admit it…. No one ever sits in the elementary school classroom and tells their teacher that they are going to be an insurance sales person when they grow up.  Most kids don’t even know what that is.  I certainly didn’t…

I was one of those teachers, who sat in the front of the high school classroom, asking a room of bright eyed, high school business students, what they wanted to be when they graduated.  None of them mentioned insurance.  I even taught a brief unit on what insurance was.  Still… no interest in anyone becoming an insurance agent. No one wants to be an insurance agent

So I get it.  People who are applying for jobs pass right by an insurance sales job.  Because it doesn’t look exactly appetizing.

Before I got into the business, when I visualized an insurance agent- what came to mind was a middle-aged, over-weight, bald guy sitting in an office with old furniture, surrounded by stacks of old papers.  For some reason, I always imagined cigarette smoke coming out of the office and it was always a one-man shop.  He may or may not have had an assistant.

Maybe that was just my first insurance agent! I don’t know about you!

But it’s not really like that.  At least most agencies- regardless of the carrier- they aren’t really like that.

I became an insurance agent because my husband, who had been in the insurance industry for over 18 years, had been talking about opening up his own business and me, having grown up with two amazing parents who had owned multiple businesses during my childhood- well, I have the entrepreneurial spirit.  So, I jumped on board.  If you’re going to take a risk and throw your life savings into a project- you might as well put ALL of your heart and soul into a project, right?

The first step to becoming a licensed insurance agent was to take a licensing course.  I chose to take an in person course, simply because I learn better when I am taking a course face-to-face.  There are plenty of online classes as well. I was given textbooks and access to the online portal which had study materials and sample tests.  The class was 4 8-hour days, so a total of 32 hours.  I probably put at least 8-10 hours of studying in on my own as well.

Once you have completed the course and feel confident, you have to take the state licensing test.  This is done at a testing center.  I took my test in Brookfield; however, my husband and the other agents in our office took their tests in Madison.  It’s really a matter of scheduling.

One of our agents in the office told me that the hardest thing about passing the licensing test was finding a quiet place in his house to study.

After getting licensed- you can get appointed by a carrier to sell insurance.  From here, the carrier you work for (ie. Allstate, etc) will train you on their particular products, sales methods, and computer systems.

Sales experience is really important.  And when we say “sales experience” we mean being able to sell to a customer.  Face to face.  Over the phone.  Make cold calls.  This is a different sales experience from working a cash register at the local retailer.  Not that there is anything wrong with that- it is just not the kind of experience that will help you in this particular type of career.

I had never had this type of “sales experience” before.  My prior work environment was being a high school and college educator.  And after that, I worked at a large corporation in a customer service environment on the phones.  So I had both speaking skills and phone skills.  I had also been a DECA advisor (and way back in the day, a DECA student/member)- which is the Marketing organization which teaches students how to present and sell in front of a judge.  This particular student organization changed my life, making me more confident and more prepared for selling situations I may incur in the future.

Luckily for me, all of these experiences together make me a good sales person.

Now we are looking for more good salespeople to work for our team- and our team is incredible.  James, one of our agents told me that “the best part of my job is working with our team to help people find affordable solutions to protect what matters most to them!”.  When I asked Brian, our other agent, what the best part of his job was, he said, “Helping customers secure products that provide the necessary protection and security they desire.   Also, we do have a great team here!”  I didn’t even pay him to say that. Promise!

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Someone who has some sales experience (the good kind)
  • Someone who is driven and goal oriented (because they will be working partly on commission- so the more they sell, the more money they make)
  • Someone who has a large network of family and friends. (Preferably, someone who has a large network of friends and family on social media… because, hey, I need someone who can share my amazing blog posts!)
  • Someone trustworthy and loyal (we’re a small, family-oriented business- and we’d like to keep it that way)
  • Someone fun (because we think that we are fun people and we want our employees to fit in)

In return, we pay a base salary plus commission and bonuses based on production.  We provide qualified leads for you to follow up on.  We will even help you get licensed if you do not have your insurance license already.  We firmly believe we can train the right person.  We can teach the insurance material; but we can’t teach drive and ambition.

We’re also looking for a part-time telemarketer / marketing assistant.  That person does not need to be licensed.  This individual would have to be available in the afternoons/early evenings (until 7pm) and Saturday mornings 9-12.  We are looking for someone with a pleasant phone voice and someone who isn’t scared to talk to people.  We will be paying a base hourly rate and bonuses for appointments set.

Selling insurance may not look like it- but insurance agents are kind of unsung heros.  We sell the protection that people need to save their families.  The families we form relationships with when they become customers.  Whether it’s being able to make sure they have the proper coverage on their home so that if there is a major fire- they receive enough to live on and restore their home – or  making sure they have enough coverage on their auto so that if they get into an accident, they can sign with relief that they may not have to pay out of pocket.  It’s explaining to customers in simple terms what their policies mean so that they understand all of their benefits- so that they get their money worth.   Lastly, it’s making sure families have enough life insurance to keep kids in their homes if a parent passes away.

Insurance changes lives.  Insurance agents make that life change possible.

If this sounds like a job for you or someone you know, please don’t be shy about contacting our office.  Email me a resume and cover letter.  Trust me- if you don’t have any insurance experience, but have sales experience or think you have the sales experience we are talking about (or really truly believe you have it in you)– then let’s have a conversation!


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