How “saving 15%” cost me big time.

All because I didn’t actually want to talk to someone.

$50 a month for my car insurance? What a deal!

So I thought.

When you think its too good to be true, it probably is.

I had just gotten off my parents auto insurance policy and they had been charging me over $100 per month for my share. I totally thought they were taking me for a ride….

Heres the thing I watched the commercials and was immediately pulled in to the thought of buying my insurance online vs. having to deal with calling someone or showing up for an agonizing appointment with an insurance agent whos just waiting to yank money out of my wallet.

But, what really happened was that my laziness cost me my brand new car and drained my savings account dry from medical bills- because when I signed up for my insurance online, it had me answer a few questions and just like promised, as easy as one-two-three:  $50 flashed red on my screen.

I didnt think twice about reading the small print underneath, nor did I really understand my options of coverage夷t just seemed easy, cheap, and hassel-less.

Weve all been there when the deer jots into the street and you immediately stop or swerve to prevent hitting that adorable creature.

Yup, you guessed it匈 did just that, except my steering wheel got jammed and I launched right into a deer-crossing sign (ironic aint it?). Well, I called the police and then tried calling my insurance and come to find out, a thing they call comprehensive coverage wasnt on my car insurance! No-one told me to have this coverage or explained what it even was, so you can assume the rage that built up in my 23 year old, five foot two inch body.

To add insult to (literal) injury I also hurt my back in the accident and my health insurance sucked- because I had just gone off my parents medical insurance and had huge deductibles. Apparently- I could have chosen to purchase a coverage that would have paid for my co-pays and deductibles but I didnt do that either.

And guess what?

That medical coverage- its not even expensive. It would have cost me an extra $15 every 6 months. Much cheaper than going to collections for the X-Rays, Physical Therapy, and the Chiropractic visits that I did trying to get my back fixed so I could keep going to work and school.

There I was, I had totaled my car, my brand new-to-me 2015 Silver Nissan Altima, not bank account drained and I still have college courses to pay for!

I did some research and reached out to The Richards Group Allstate. We talked business for ten or so mins then talked about their family and kids and about my family for a good thirty mins after, nicest people ever! Not only that, but, they spoke my language, and shared their personal phone numbers with me in case I preferred texting (as if Im part of their family).

I appreciate their trust and openness so much. It may have taken longer than ten mins but after they talked me through step by step and explained insurance talk to me, I had new coverage on my now存lightly not so new2006 Nissan Altima.

With that first company, I had no idea what I was paying for and that was my first problem. I was trying to be my own insurance agent when I knew nothing about it. The websites make it look easy, but they put things in fine print and start by offering minimum coverage and leave coverages out that are actually important.

You should ALWAYS know where youre investing your money! Now, with any questions or concerns I have for my car insurance, I can contact my agents immediately without waiting on the phone for three hours waiting to talk to a legit human being (stupid recordings)- which is funny, because I never used to WANT to talk to people- especially not an insurance agent!

Its been a couple years since my car incident and soon my husband and I are closing on our first home! Beautiful, three bedroom ranch with a cute white fence wrapped around it. Next stop, home owners insurance! This time, with my agents, who I know will take amazing care of us.

Written by: Lexi P.

TRG Communications Team

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