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One of my favorite parts of being my own boss is that I have a chance to get to know people and organizations in the community that I might not otherwise have gotten to know.

Sometimes, our agency is even fortunate enough to be able to raise money for, spread awareness about, donate to, or volunteer our time at these fantastic non-profits.  Last year, in 2018- Ill confess,  I got a little crazy volunteering my time- and in fact, I even took second place in the Biz Times Medias Next Generation Leadership Award, which was a pretty cool honor.

Im writing this simply to share with you some of my favorite non-profits that we have gotten a chance to come into contact with over the last few years.  Every time we get a new customer- we hope that they share with us their favorite non-profit so that we can learn about new ones and make new friends as well.

Personally, I spend a lot of time volunteering with the Womens Center (I am on the Advancing Advocates Council). The Womens Center is Waukesha Countys only agency that provides confidential and free emergency shelter, legal advocacy, counseling for families, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and trauma, support groups, substance abuse and mental health support, transitional living, employment counseling, and much more- to both men and women!  In 2017, our agency was able to donate a $1,000 grant through the Allstate Foundation.    

Last year, we focused a lot on animals.  Our Allstate Foundation grant of $1,000 was donated to the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) INSERT LINK: Waukesha County after a day of volunteering at the animal shelter.  We also helped organize and sponsor an event to benefit Winstons Wishes  INSERT LINK: which is a non profit that is building a rescue sanctuary in the Janesville/Milton area.  Third,  we were a proud sponsor of the White Paws German Shepherd Rescue INSERT LINK: Bowl-a-Thon even if our bowling wasnt spectacular! 

My husband and I are at a tossup for which of these two are our favorites- because they both serve families that are waiting and praying for their loved ones- either their military loved ones or their children.  I cant imagine having to be in either shoes.  Im proud to say that weve rolled up our sleeves and cooked meals in both the Ronald McDonald House INSERT LINK and the Fisher House INSERT LINK we intend to go back to both to help out more.  These are both amazing organizations.   And as a humble brag  when we volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House- we were with a group of Allstate agents from around the region which enabled us to unlock grant money that has totaled over $25,000 over the last two years. 

Lets see I would be completely remiss if I didnt mention some of our other favorites:

Tricias Troops Cancer Connection

Milwaukee Street Angels

Guitars for Vets

Katys Kloset:

Waukesha Service Club:

Family Promise:

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