I did an internship at an insurance agency and here is what I learned…

Lexi is our 23 year old college intern. Or- I should say, she was our intern. She spent a little over 90 hours this past semester with Richards Group doing a marketing internship (or so she thought). Little did she know that if you are going to market a business the right way- you really have to know and love your products. You can’t sell something if you don’t believe in them. So we threw her right into the mix of things and included her in just about everything. Then, on her last day- I asked her to write a blog on what she learned. Here is what she wrote:

Lexi… writing her final blog…

Lessons from Lexi’s Internship…

Bathing dogs when we sponsored a transport van at HAWS

This semester long internship has opened my eyes to the ins and outs of insurance, but more than that it showed me…when business owners have a passion for something they love, they will be successful, and passion is exactly what Christine and Dennis have. I know that the sky is the limit for ‘The Richards Group’ future success and I am honored to have been involved for even a small bit of their big dream.

Lexi Podjasek

P.S. This made me cry. — Christine

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