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Christine on RoofIn the past month, our agency has saved six families over $200/year EACH on their homeowners insurance.


Because they each have roofs that are less than 10 years old

10 years old…

I’m sure you all were thinking that when we say “New Roof Discount”- we mean like one or two years new… right??

Nope.  1-10 years.  Ten years is barely even new…

So that leads me to ask- have you shopped your homeowners insurance lately?

Let me in on a little secret.  For some reason, our carrier just LOVES new roofs.  I’ve seen discounts up to 20% for just that “new” roof.

Are you wondering why again?

One of the biggest concerns to insurance companies across the board regarding your home is the roof.  Think about it- your roof protects everything inside your home.  From your personal contents, the people that live there, and the actual structure (dwelling); if the roof goes- that means there will be financial payout from the insurance company.  And we are talking the big financial payout kind!

A typical roof can last 20-25 years, depending on conditions; however, just like everything else in the world- technology changes.  Newer roofs are not made out of the same material that they were being made out of 20 years ago.  There is sturdier, tougher material available to protect your home and what is inside it.

Think about this example.  Someone sets two boxes in front of you.  One is a cereal box.  It is a nice cereal box.  Nothing wrong with it- it’s a perfectly fine cereal box.

Then they put a same size corregated cardboard box next to it.  This corregated cardboard box is designed with the exact same colors as the cereal box.  Other than the material it is made out of – you would not notice the difference.    Then you are told that you have to pick only one of the boxes and put your wedding ring into and we are going to tape it up and ship it across the country.  Which box would you choose?

The corregated cardboard box- of course.  Because it is made of stronger, tougher material and it will keep your most prized possession safer.

Just like a newer roof.

I hear a lot of people say that they don’t understand how insurance companies work. But actually, insurance companies are very logical when you break them down.  They want the items they are insuring to be safe.  If your house is as safe as it can be- you will get the lowest rate ever.  If house has a lot of things that could cause the insurance company to have to pay money out, then they are going to charge you more at the start.

Knowing this, things like keeping your gutters clean to avoid water and mold issues, maintaining your roof and siding/paint, updating security systems, trimming your trees, and improving your credit score often go along way in helping lower your risk and your premium!


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