Is a new home in your future? It can be!

One goal many people have this time of year is to buy their first home. After last years record home market people saw homes fly off the market very quickly, this year is shaping up to be an even better year for the real estate market. If you are thinking about buying your first home this year, it is critical to be prepared and have your ducks in a row before you venture out into the competitive waters so you can avoid having your dream home fall through your fingers.

According to The Home Buyers Institute, the number one fear of new home buyers is that they will end up with a mortgage that they cannot afford. I remember that this was my fear before I bought my first home. I didnt know where to start. Do I hire a real estate agent? How much does that cost? Where do I even get a mortgage? Whats a good interest rate? What paperwork is needed? Who can help me with the first step and, by the way, what is the first step?

A really good first step would be to attend a First Time Home Buyers Seminar. Our insurance agency will be a presenter at two First Time Home Buyer Seminars in February and another one in March. The seminar will include presentations by a Real Estate Agent, who will go over the buying process and tips on how to find a home, putting in an offer, and things to watch out for. A Mortgage Lender will go over the pre-approval process and steps on getting financing. Lastly, our office will go over how a Homeowners insurance policy works and how to make sure you are insuring your biggest asset properly. There will even be pre-approval counseling after the seminar to help you get started.

Here are the three FREE New Home Buyer Seminars that we have scheduled in February and March:

Option 1- Saturday, February 10th

Machine Shed Restaurant (off I-94 and Hwy 164)

Here is a sneak peak video

9:30 am (complimentary breakfast). 10:00 am seminar. Seminar is 45 minutes with Q&A afterwards.

Presenters:Gary Grocholski from Pyramax Bank, Austin Cole from Realty Executives, and Dennis & Christine Richards from Richards Group Insurance

Please reserve your seats today


Option 2- Saturday, February 17th

Elkhorn Chamber of Commerce- 203 E Walworth Street, Elkhorn

9:30 am (complimentary breakfast). 10:00 am seminar. Seminar is 45 minutes with Q&A afterwards.

Presenters:Gary Grocholskifrom Pyramax Bank, Hamilton– Shorewest Realtors, andDennis&ChristineRichards from Richards Group Insurance

Please reserve your seats today at:

Option 3- Saturday, March 10th

We are still working on details for our third seminar, but it will be held on the morning ofSaturday, March 10th, somewhere inWaukesha County and the presenters will beJanet Harrisof Harris and Harris Home Selling team (Realty Executives), Kimberly Greenspan of First Fidelity Home Mortgage of Wisconsin, and Christine Richards of Richards Group Insurance. If you are interested in reserving a spot at this FREE seminar, please email Christine at


Many people don’t realize that renting can be more expensive than a mortgage payment. Or they don’t realize there are mortgage programs that have zero down payments. There are programs out there that allow you to build in money to renovate a home, so if you find a home that is not quite what you are looking for- you can budget for some projects.

Lots of people are going to be in the mood to put there houses on the market this spring. They saw how fast people’s homes sold last year- and figure they want to get in on the action. So if you are at all interested in possibly buying a home- this is a GREAT time to move on that thought. Come find out what your options are for a mortgagein person- from a real mortgage officer(not the Internet). You’ll find out more good information in 45 minutes from a legit source- than you will from 3-4 hours of searching online and wondering if you got actual facts.

And in the end- you won’t even have to sign up for anything or spend a dime! Now THAT is a good investment!

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