But it has never happened to me before!

Our office talks to a lot of people every day.  And I mean a lot of people!

We have customers calling us for quotes, to move their coverage to our agency, make changes to their policies, and to file claims.

You would be surprised (and appalled) at how many people are on our roads in Wisconsin with no coverage or very minimal coverage.

In most cases, the person that we talk to that has this “minimal” coverage tells us:

  • that they are a very good driver,
  • they have never used their insurance before,
  • or they only drive in town- so nothing will ever go wrong with the tiny amount of driving that they do.

We even have customers tell us that they take breaks in having coverage because they don’t feel that they always need it!

As if having insurance protection is…tiring?

Interestingly enough, when we receive phone calls from customers that have claims,  many of them tell us…

  • that they have always been a good driver,
  • they have never used their insurance before,
  • and they can’t believe they got into an accident only 2 blocks from their house!

See the parallel there?

When customers call us for quotes, to move their coverage to our agency, or to make changes to their policies or do an insurance review, many times, the intent is to save as much money as possible.  At our office, we inquire about the customer’s situation, make appropriate recommendations based on his/her needs, and apply all of the best discounts we have- therefore, trying to make the policy as affordable as possible.

Our quotes/policies are customized to each person’s individual needs.  We recommend things for each situation based on our experiences as agents with our ultimate goal being to be able to effectively handle a claim for you if one comes up.

We make our recommendations for things like water back-up coverage because we have had customers come home to sump pump failure or mini floods and call us while literally standing in 4 inches of sewage. We make recommendations for car rental reimbursement because we have had customers have their cars stolen and we know from experience that it can take up to 28 days for the police department to “officially” file it as a loss with the insurance company- therefore holding up any claim/payment to you.  We recommend specific protections because we have seen claims or heard of claims where people have had to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars out of their own pocket and we don’t want to be put in the position of having to tell you that you are not covered.

Sometimes we have customers who think that we are just recommending these “extra” coverages because we want a higher commission.   We’re told by the customer they don’t need those extra protections because they have never needed those protections in the past.

The funny thing about insurance…  you never know when you are going to actually need it.  If you had a crystal ball, you probably wouldn’t need insurance at all- because you would just not drive on the day you knew you were getting into an accident.  Or you wouldn’t let your husband cook dinner the day he burned the pork chops and started the kitchen on fire.

When we have a customer that calls in after having a claim, the conversation is never about trying to save a couple bucks on their Auto or Home insurance.  The conversation is a much different one.  It is always “do I have coverage for this?”    And in our office, we always want the answer to be “yes, you have coverage for this situation.”   We don’t want to have to remind you that you decided against our recommendation to add rental car coverage, water back-up coverage, scheduling that wedding ring, or getting an umbrella policy.

Our office sees and hears a lot on a typical day.  We are constantly educating ourselves to be better professionals for our customers.  Please know that when you talk to your trusted adviser about what to include on your insurance policy, the call before yours may have been with someone who’s kitchen started on fire- even though they had never used their insurance before.  Or maybe the call before that was someone who started the neighbors garage on fire with a fireworks display that went sideways- and they had never used their insurance before.

As an insurance agent, all we want to do is be able to help you when you call us for help.  Even when you’ve never had an accident before!

TRG Communications Team

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