I did an internship at an insurance agency and here is what I learned…

This semester long internship has opened my eyes to the ins and outs of insurance, but more than that it showed me…when business owners have a passion for something they love, they will be successful, and passion is exactly what Christine and Dennis have. I know that the sky is the limit for ‘The Richards Group’ future success and I am honored to have been involved for even a small bit of their big dream.

How “saving 15%” cost me big time.

I was paying a super cheap rate for my insurance- but then I had an accident and realized that I had no coverage for my car and no medical payments coverage to help pay for my medical bills. I shouldn’t have tried to be my own insurance agent. Now I leave it up to the experts.

Why your insurance agent matters.

As an insurance agency owner, there are some phrases that I hear alot that make me cringe. “Give me an apples to apples quote”. “We’re going to give you an apples to bananas quote here. Because your apple might suck. Sorry.” “I’m on a fixed income.” “Show me someone who isn’t. The price of your […]

Do it now.

Everyone has their own reasons for buying life insurance such as to pay off your debts, to make sure your family doesn’t have to do a Go-Fund me for your funeral, to make sure your home gets paid off if you die, to send your kids to college, to make sure someone will take care of your cat if you die (yes, someone has done this!), to make sure your husband doesn’t buy a mail order bride the first year you are gone, to fund a charity, the possibilities are limitless. For me- it was because it makes me feel like a bada$$ warrior of a mother to know that I can and will do whatever it takes to protect my children- even after I die.

How we serve…

One of my favorite parts of being “my own boss” is that I have a chance to get to know people and organizations in the community that I might not otherwise have gotten to know. Sometimes, our agency is even fortunate enough to be able to raise money for, spread awareness about, donate to, or […]

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