Our referral program for 2018 is amazing

We can handle all of your insurance needs. Let us find the right coverage for you.

Our referral program for 2018 is amazing.

For each referral, we will give you a $10 gift card to either Amazon, Starbucks, or Target (you get to pick) as a Thank you!

We will also give $10 to either the Fisher House (Veteran families), the Womens Center (Domestic Violence Shelter), Tricias Troops (Cancer patients), or Milwaukee Street Angels (homelessness in Milwaukee) (you get to pick)- as a Thank you- because its important to give back to the community!

Richards Group has always believed in helping our community, whether via a quality insurance program or donations to or volunteering at community organizations. This is the perfect combination of both!

Here is where we need your help to make this the most successful referral program EVER:

  • Send family/friends/coworkers our way when they need help with their insurance. We will help them and the non-profits mentioned get a donation. Everyone wins.
  • LIKE us on Facebookso you see posts about the referral program. If you LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT on those posts your friends/family/coworkers will see them and so will other people because the post will rank higher in newsfeeds everywhere.
  • Share any of our Facebook posts when you see them to help encourage people to visit the Richards Group Facebook page and company.
  • Forward emails or Facebook posts to your family/friends who would benefit from an insurance review.
  • Drop by our office or email Christine and ask for a flyer.
  • Leave us a positive Google review (google “Dennis Richards Allstate”). A 5 star Google review with a few words about why you love us will help us stay on the Google map when people search for insurance in Waukesha. If you leave us a 5-star review you may just find a little treat in your mailbox from us.
  • Leave a positive review on one of our Facebook pages. Your friends and family may look at those reviews in order to see whether or not they should do business with us. We have two Facebook pages- our Richards Group page and our Allstate Facebook page. Follow the links and use the copy and paste tool!
  • Leave a positive review on our Allstate website. People can start a quote using this website- but as we all know, doing a quote online and getting a personalized quote from a real person are two very different things. Chances are – a person can get you a lower rate and understand what coverage you really need much better than a computer.

If you have someone to refer- all they have to do is call or email us for a quote. They can just tell us who sent them so you can get “credit”. Once they have completed the quote with us then we will send you a thank you! We will be keeping track of the donations for the non-profits throughout the year and at the end of 2018- we will be presenting each non-profit with a check.

You are all amazing. Let’s do something amazing together.

If you have any questions about our referral program, please call us at (262) 326-4750. Thank you for supporting us, Fisher House, the Womens Center, Tricias Troops, and Milwaukee Street Angels.

Please note: we are only licensed to sell insurance in Wisconsin. All referrals must be residents of Wisconsin.

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