Renters Insurance

Rental PropertyJust like a homeowners insurance,  renters want peace of mind when things go wrong in their apartments or rental properties. Renters insurance is not only very dependable, but, in most cases, it’s as affordable as your morning latte.

How It Works

Whether it’s an apartment or a house, renter’s insurance protects you from such things as:

But that’s just a start! Additional coverage can even be added to cover other perils and potential damages, as well as the loss of family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, fine arts and collectibles and costly sporting equipment. It’s really up to you, and you can choose to either be reimbursed for the replacement cost your lost property or its actual cash value.

Many policyholders also choose to select higher limits of liability insurance to cover them in the event that someone trips on their sidewalk or if an accidental kitchen fire ends up spreading to neighboring units.

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