Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella InsuranceIt happens everyday. Something bad happens — maybe it’s a car accident where someone was injured or a visitor to your home slips and falls on your front walk. Suddenly, you’re contacted by an attorney, who informs you that you’re being sued. What you thought was a minor matter that would be covered by your existing insurance sets you on the path that might result in million dollar judgments, not to mention attorney’s fees for your defense.

That’s why a personal umbrella policy (PUP) makes so much sense. It protects you and your family with liability coverage over and above your other insurance (e.g., homeowners or automobile) policies) like an umbrella in a storm.

Personal umbrella policies are optional, and are available in amounts from $1 million to $5 million. So, if your dog bites a guest at your cookout, a personal umbrella policy can protect you, not only from a financially crippling legal judgment, but also the attorney fees and lost wages resulting from court appearances and other expenses.

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