Frienbds Help Friends Save Money with The Richards Group!

Referral Program

Earn a reward for yourself and a reward for a non-profit!

You know we are an outstanding agency. It goes beyond rates- it is in the little things that we do.

  • We have a claim satisfaction guarantee (auto).
  • We give our customers our personal cell phones for emergencies (true 24/7/365 access).
  • We have a Friday LIVE Facebook video so you can get to know us as “real” people.
    • And yes… we are geeky… but at least you know who you are talking to when you call us!
  • You always get a real person when you call. It’s not robots or chat bots or some random 800# who treats you poorly.
  • We support our community. We care about our customers.
    • Just check out our Google and Facebook reviews.
  • We really care if you are covered correctly- because we care what happens to you. NOT because we care about making money.
    • I mean- we have to survive… so we care a little… but that’s not our end game…

That’s why we created The Richards Group Rewards Program. It lets you earn rewards for simply referring a friend to us, so we can start saving them money on their insurance premiums and making sure that they are covered correctly and treated right!

The referral program is a no-purchase necessary program. All your friends/family/co-workers/etc have to do is get a quote from us… and you get your referral reward.

Because hey- you can’t control whether or not they actually buy.

All you have to do is bring them to the table!

  • We will give YOU a $10 reward
    • A $10 gift card to Amazon or Target
  • We will give a NON-PROFIT a $10 reward
    • $10… to Fisher House, Milwaukee Street Angels, The Women’s Center, or Tricia’s Troops Cancer Connection
    • Combined with everyone else’s $10- at the end of the year in one large check

So referring your friends is a win-win all around.

How do I refer my friends?

  • You can fill out the form to the left
  • When they call us or email us for a quote- you can have them tell us that you referred them.
    • If you are not a current customer and you are referring your friend/family/coworker, we will need all of your contact information.

NOTE: You will only receive your rewards after your referral completes his/her quote. Your referral must live in Wisconsin, must be eligible for insurance, and must not already have Allstate insurance as their insurance company.

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