Richards Group is handing out airplane rides…..

Okay, maybe not airplane rides, per say…

I just looked on Southwest’s website and I could fly (one-way) to New York City for $94!

That would be a super-cool long weekend!Southwest Airlines Gift Card

And of course, then I got to looking…  Las Vegas for $119, Orlando for $111, Phoenix $137, Atlanta $115, Ft Lauderdale $131, Dallas $88, and Washington DC $145.

All of those places from Milwaukee to someplace- anyplace- else.  For under $150 (one way).

So then I was thinking, how cool would it be if I had a $100 gift card to Southwest Airlines?  (well… personally, I would take any denomination gift card to Southwest Airlines… hint… hint…)  A $100 gift card would go a long way with these prices!


Well, $100 towards Southwest is almost in your hands.

Let me tell you how!

September Referral Promotion

For the month of September- if you refer 10 friends to get an insurance quote from Richards Group you will get that $100 gift card we just talked about.  That’s it.  That’s all you have to do.

You provide us with the names, email addresses, and phone numbers to 10 friends, family members, co-workers, etc.   We talk to said friends, family members, co-workers, etc and give them a quote for their insurance needs.  Then we  hand you a gift card (or mail it to you).

Boom!  That’s it.

We’ll contact your referrals to try to set up the quotes; however, it helps if you also talk to them and let them know we are calling them.  Remember- they only count if they go through the quoting process.

You can definitely provide us with more than 10 people’s contact information so that you have room for some of your friends/family members to decline a quote.

Richards Group insurance can provide quotes on pretty much any insurance need. The most common types of quotes we do are:

Also, if we have never quoted out YOU for your insurance- you can count as one of the ten!  Start with yourself!!


Some Q’s and A’s

  1. Are my referrals required to buy insurance from Richards Group in order for them to count towards my reward? Your referrals are not required to purchase from Richards Group in order for you to receive your reward.   This is just a good opportunity for us to be able to present our prices and have a conversation with your referrals.
  2. So how do we send in the referrals??? You can send in your referrals by going to our website and using our referral page form – or- you can email us a list of your referrals.  Referrals can be emailed to Christine Richards at
  3.  I’ve never had a quote from a live-person before. What happens and how long does it take?We can do quotes for people in a variety of ways to fit their needs.  Most commonly, we do quotes over the phone or in our office. A typical quote takes about 20 minutes, excluding a homeowner’s quote, which can take a little longer, due to having to describe the house, etc.  We can also do quotes for people via email if neither of the above options work.
  4. There must be some rules to this promotion- what are they?  We can only quote people who are Wisconsin residents- so your referrals must be WI residents.  Your referrals must have something to quote (for example- a car, home, or apartment)  We can’t quote people who are already Allstate customers.  Since we are an Allstate exclusive agency- that is the only product we sell- and we can’t sell Allstate to someone who already has Allstate.  Therefore- your referrals must not already be Allstate customers.  Referrals must be over 18.  Referrals must be received by September 30, 2016.


The fine print: Richards Group Allstate is not affiliated with Southwest Airlines in any way.  This is an agency promotion solely through Richards Group Allstat
e and not through any other Allstate agencies.   All referrals will be contacted by October 15, 2016 and must be quoted by October 30, 2016.  Gift cards will be mailed out no later than October 30, 2016.  Questions? Please ask!


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