Size Actually Does Matter…

When it comes to a chip in your windshield

My stepdaughter Megan has decided that I need to rename our weekly blog to include her name- because she has had such bad luck with cars.  Maybe something like “Mayhem with Megan”.

A couple of weeks ago, she called her Dad needing advice because she had a chip in her windshield.  She wanted to know how her insurance worked and how much it was going to end up costing her to replace it.

Megan has a $500 comprehensive deductible, so she was certain she was going to have to pay at least $500 for the windshield.

Since it’s cold outside, she didn’t want to wait too long for it to get fixed because she knew that the cold weather could make it degrade further and a bad jolt to the car or another hit by a rock could cause it to spiderweb instantly.

She was also freaking out because she didn’t really have $500 to part with.

Here’s why she was pretty excited to talk to dear ole’ Dad (her insurance expert).  Dad explained to her that the chip was relatively small (it was larger than a nickel but smaller than a quarter)- the insurance company’s glass program would pay to have it fixed for free.  Megan wouldn’t have to pay a dime!

Most cracks or chips can be repaired, experts say, if they are smaller than the size of a dollar bill, as long as they are not in the driver’s eye line.  Since it is fairly easy to repair these, most insurance companies will take care of these without having you pay out your deductible. (Score!)

The glass company came out to Megan’s work and fixed the chip in her windshield and she paid nothing.

Much better than being afraid that she couldn’t afford her $500 deductible and doing nothing… and then having the chip get worse or cracking all the way- and then needing the entire windshield to be replaced!  Then she DEFINITELY would have had to pay the $500 deductible.



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