So you’re having your child’s birthday party at home…

You’ve been scouring Pinterest for the latest and greatest birthday party idea for your 10 year old and you think you have it….

American Ninja Warrior

Oh yeah baby…american-ninja-warrior

So you send the hubby to Home Depot for some supplies.  You get some PVC Pipes to build some cool hurdles, you tie some rope up to make an army crawl obstacle, layout some 4×4’s to make some balance beams, throw down some 12” “bases” for the kids to hop across, and if you’re really creative- you can even build your own little half pi
pe “warp wall”.

All the decorations are perfect.  You have little medals and completion certificates.  Your cake is perfect and everyone comes to the party wearing cute bandanas.  You’re going to win mom-of-the-year for sure!

Until one of the kids slips when they are running down the balance beam and breaks her wrist.


You feel bad.  Really guilty.  This accident clearly happened at your house- at your child’s party.

You might not even be sure that your guest has medical insurance. Or whether or not they have met their family deductible, etc.  It’s a complicated mess.

But guess what… most renters and homeowner’s insurance policies have something called Guest Medical Insurance– which covers this very type of incident.

Guest Medical Insurance, can also be called “medical payments to others” is a part of the policy where the insurer will pay necessary medical expenses incurred within three years of an accident that causes bodily injury. The coverage applies to injuries that are sustained while the injured party is on your property with your permission.  The insured (you) does not have to be legally liable for the coverage to apply.

Your homeowners, condo, or renter’s policy will likely come with at least $1,000 worth of Guest Medical protection; however, you can purchase $5,000 or $10,000.  Increasing your Guest Medical insurance may be something worth considering if you have guests over frequently or have children.  The increase is only a couple of dollars a year (like likely less than $10 per year to go from $1,000 to $10,000).

The lesson here…

If you’re going to have the best birthday party ever…

Make sure you have the best insurance ever…  and call us for the best advice!

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