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Before I started my company, I worked for a large corporation for 18 years and was very successful. I could have stayed there, put money in my 401k, mind my P’s and Q’s, and hope that I didn’t have a bad year and get let go if the stock price plunged or I got a new manager that wanted to bring in their own people.

I have awesome kids. From when they were toddlers, I told them to never give up and follow your dreams and passions.

But I wasn’t doing it myself. I had a good career. But I always dreamed about owning my own business. As my children grew older, I looked myself in the mirror and thought about what a hypocrite that I was becoming. How can I tell my kids to follow their dreams when I wasn’t following my own?

So I quit my corporate job that gave me security and started my own insurance agency. I started an insurance agency because I have a background in insurance and I really enjoy helping people. I like helping people through claims or connecting my customers with some of my connections for services that help them through their really bad day. What I do matters.

Every day is something new and I get to meet some really cool people with very interesting backgrounds and stories.

We do treat our customers like family. We go to bat for our customers. We explain things in real-person terms instead of legal language.

And hopefully, I am inspiring my children by actually following my dreams instead of just talking about it.


I met my husband 9 years ago and one of the things I remember most about our initial conversations was that he talked about his dream to start a business someday.

I had grown up with two parents who were entrepreneurs. My dad was an architect who owned his own firm and who also owned/managed commercial properties. My mom, after taking care of my sisters and I as children, decided to open up a card and gift boutique in one of my dads buildings when I was in the 7th grade. Its safe to say I was used to seeing my parents work together as a couple.

When my husband said he was ready to start a business, there wasnt a doubt in my mind that I wanted to jump in with both feet and help him out. He is my ride or die. Were in this together. I didnt have an insurance background at the time- so I went and took licensing courses, but I had been a business and marketing high school teacher for 11 years so I knew that I could handle a lot of the behind-the-scenes marketing and customer service angles of running the company.

Serving others is something that Im really proud to do- and when you work in the insurance industry- you are serving others. Whether I am helping them pick out the correct policy for their situation or helping them on a day they have had some really bad luck- I am able to serve their needs.



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