From a voice that shakes… to a voice with power…

Imagine you have survived sexual trauma but have not told anyone.  It is your deepest, most scary secret.  You walk with this secret every single day.

Your secret is your closest friend.  It has to be.

Because no one can know the truth.

That someone took your power… took your voice….  and sexually assaulted you.

Because you are afraid that if you told someone- even your mom.  Even your best friend- that something bad would happen.

Maybe you are afraid that they won’t believe you.


Maybe you are afraid that they will go tell other people.

Maybe you are afraid that they will think it was your fault.

Maybe you are afraid that you will lose your job.

Maybe you are afraid of the person that assaulted you.

Maybe you are just plain… ashamed.

How amazing would it feel to be able to talk to other people that have gone through the same thing?

People that don’t know you…

People that won’t judge you.

People that won’t go running to tell your parents or other people in your peer group.

People that won’t go running to file a police report on your behalf.

You may start telling your story in pieces…  you may start telling your story with a voice that is shaky.

The second time you tell your story- it may come out in one piece- with a little bit firmer voice.

And when you are surrounded by people who can share your emotions and are going through the same pain and grief… you may just find that your voice gets stronger and more powerful every day.

Maybe you will find that you have enough power to tell your loved ones.  Maybe you find you have enough power to file a police report.  Maybe you find you have enough power to seek mental health services.

It all starts with a single group of likeminded people who support each other.

A group of survivors and advocates who are passionate about lifting others up in their time of trials.

Yes, your voice does have power.  Let us help you find it.


Founding Members Needed

We are currently in the foundation stages of Sexual Assault Survivors Support- or SASS.  If you are interested in being involved in helping organize and begin this non-profit organization- we could definitely use your help.  We are seeking assistance from people with all backgrounds.  This is your chance to get in from the ground level.

If you are interested in getting on our radar so you can help us out- please fill out this google form so we can see what special gifts you bring to the table and so that we have your contact information.


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