What are you licking off your phone?

Guess what I did the other day?


I dropped my phone. On to the patio table that had some food on it- and some dip splashed onto it.
So do you know what I did?
I licked it.
(Dont tell my husband- he is a complete germ-a-phobe!)
Literally, the next morning, Im in the bathroom drying my hair, perusing through Pinterest and I saw this blog post about how many germs are on your cellphone. Hows that for timing?
And do you know what???
OMG- our cells phones are disgusting!

In fact, if you are like most of us and dont sanitize your cell phone weekly, your cell phone carries roughly 25,000 germs per square inch. 30% of those bacteria are going to end up on your hands. One company (who admittedly- sells cell phone sanitizing devices) reports that 1 in 6 cell phones has fecal matter on them and that cell phones have 18 times more harmful bacteria than public restrooms.


P.S. I was only pretending to lick my phone as a demonstration....
P.S. I was only pretending to lick my phone as a demonstration….
Lets think about this a little. We take our cell phones pretty much everywhere. At least I do. If Im not using it- it is in one of four spots: in my purse, my pocket, in one of my childrens hands, or connected to the charger. All four of those places are going to keep that little bugger warm- and warmth breeds even MORE bacteria.
Where does that bacteria come from? Where DOESNT it come from? When you shook that womans hand at church. When you dropped your phone on the floor at the mall. When you dropped your phone in the toilet. When you dropped your phone on the street. When you touched money and then touched your phone. When you had your phone in the kitchen when you were making food and had raw meat out. When your kid was chewing on it or using it with their grubby little fingers. When you had your phone out on the bar last time you went out. When it was in your pocket when you had to use the port-a-potty (ew!) or you used it after you used the port-a-potty (still ew!). When you were using your phone to surf the web when hiding from your kids in the bathroom (yep, we all do it!). When you touched it after touching things in a public bus or train/subway.
If your cell phone isnt touching it directly- your hands are likely touching it and then transferring it to your cell. And then it is being warmed up and multiplying until you clean it. And if you never clean it well then色
  • Poop
  • MRSA.
  • Staph
  • E. coli.
  • And even Candida albicans汕 more commonly known as Yeast.
Even Acne can be attributed to the germs on your phone! (Unless you dont use your phone for talking to people on the phone like some people I know)
So if I have sufficiently terrified you- what can you do about it?
First and foremost- you probably shouldnt lick your phone. Or at least weigh the benefits of what you are licking off of it. (Amazing chocolate torte cake? Maybe汕 if I know I had sanitized it in the last week. Chip dip? Umm汕 not worth it)
Secondly, weekly sanitizing can be done by either buying sprays ($15-$20) or- making one yourself. This can be made easily at a fraction of the cost. Just buy a small squirt bottle at your local drug store. Fill it 翻 with water (bottled- so you can be more sure it doesnt have any contaminants) and 翻 with 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Then just give your phone a few spritzes weekly and use a lint free cloth to wipe dry. You can use a cotton swab to get the crusty corners.
Sometimes I soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, squeeze out the excess, and use that to clean off my phone.
Ive read that you should avoid disinfecting wipes because they can scratch your phone and remove the surface that detects your fingers for the whole swiping technology. I dont know about you, but I like that feature of my iphone.
And if you really, really want to get serious about cell phone cleaning- you can go to www.phonesoap.com and check out some sanitizers that start at $60 and up.

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