What I Fear Most…

Everyone has a plan for their life.  At least a general direction.  They will go to college, find love, get married, buy a house with a white picket fence in the country with good schools, then have 2-3 kids with a nice dog, and be the best parents ever watching their children grow up!

Until life says, “no”.

I was 6 years old when my baby brother Nicky died at age 3 months.  My parents were devastated and could not handle living in their home anymore and we moved to a different city.

We have a family member that had a beautiful baby at age 20.  She had a brain tumor and passed away when her baby was only two.  Her daughter is now being raised by grandparents.

I have gone to by my count 5 different funerals of parents who had college aged children.  Brain cancer.  Two breast cancers.  Failed liver.  Motorcycle accident.

I have had other friends that have lost young children in car accidents, through quick illnesses, and unfortunately, even drugs.  Devastating their lives.

Every day on the freeway or on a country road, there are news articles about death on the roads.  I read about the surviving spouses and children and parents and say a prayer for them.

But no one likes to talk about this bad stuff… because it is scary.

Let me ask you a question.  If you lost your job today, could you continue your current lifestyle for 4 weeks?  How about 90 days?  How about 12 months?

For most people the answer is no.  Some people would have to sell their home because they couldn’t afford it anymore.  Some stay-at-home spouses would have to re-enter the workforce and get family members to help with the kids.

So, what would happen if you were dead?  What would happen if your wife/husband died on the way to the soccer field to pick up little Joey?  Is your family set up to handle the worst case imaginable?

Almost everyone has cell phone insurance.  Because that $600 phone needs to be protected!  But what about your income?  Paying for the mortgage?  For college for the kids?  For the babysitting service that will help watch your kids as the surviving spouse takes on a big load?  Death is devastating.  Do you think your family may need some therapy for a while (especially if you have kids)?  Who is paying for your student loan, your credit card bills, your probate attorney (that one can stack up if you haven’t prepared ahead of time)?  And we haven’t even talked about your going away party…your funeral!  And gravestone.

People tell me all the time that they have Life Insurance through their employer.  And that’s great.  Or I will say that is a great…start.  You see, I used to work for an insurance carrier that sold Group Life Insurance to Employers, both big and small.  I will tell you that far and away the most common Group Life policy that employers purchase was either a $25,000 or maybe a $50,000 policy.  On rare occasion there were generous employers that offered a 1x salary benefit.

This is why when you tell me that you have insurance through work, I will congratulate you- but tell you that it is not enough.

My biggest fear on my job is for one of my customers to die unexpectedly and for their surviving spouse or family member calling me to put in a Life claim.  And I have to tell that grieving person that their loved one didn’t want to talk about Life Insurance options.

Life Insurance is not for you.  It is for the loved ones you leave behind.  It is your gift to take pressure off of paying for the mortgage for your surviving spouse.  It is your gift to your children that they don’t have to take out huge student loans for college.  Your legacy is allowing your loved ones to move forward in their lives.

And you cannot do it if you won’t talk about Life Insurance with an Agent.  And no, your Life Insurance at work is not enough.  It just isn’t.

Sometime the most important conversations are the most difficult ones.  Life Insurance is one of those uncomfortable conversations.

Bad things happen in life every day.  People die in unexpected ways every day.

Please talk with an insurance agent today about Life Insurance.  It will be cheaper than you think.




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