Go ahead… Brag on your home a little!

No, you really ought to come out and see my house for yourself. Its quite something!

One of our new customers told us that when we were quoting his home. We were asking about unique features and he had mentioned that he had a koi pond. He said it was very large. So, we did go to his home to look at this very large Koi pond. We were driving up to his home and saw this massive Koi pond, with multiple levels and waterfalls, taking up nearly his entire front yard! Yes, he was correct夷t was quite something!

Our agency also has run into other unique features on homes such as a full movie theatre in someones basement, an outbuilding that is fully finished on the inside with plumbing, a house with an indoor pool with a huge waterfall, and a vintage home with original ornate woodwork all fully restored to original condition.

It is critical that if you have anything that you consider unique to tell your insurance agent so it can be properly insured on your policy. For example, if you have a home filled with very expensive oriental rugs and dont have that documented (typically with pictures and receipts), if there is a claim the insurance company will replace the rugs with regular rugs. Why? Because there is no proof of the more expensive oriental rugs were ever there. If you are an awesome cook and have high-end Sub-Zero or Viking refrigerators or freezers in your custom kitchen, then you need make sure you have pictures of your higher cost appliances in order to get them replaced with like-kind and quality. You may be worried that this will raise the cost of your home/condo insurance- and truth be told- it might… a little. But if you have a disaster… I can guarantee you- you will be happy to have spent an additional $25/year to make sure that you are compensated fairly for your $5,000 authentic Persian rug versus just given $20 for a rug from Target.

No offense Target… I love you, but after all- to the insurance company, a rug is a rug. Unless you tell us about it ahead of time and we can walk you through how to document it properly.

Our office recommends walking through your home with your phone and take a video of each room so you have a record of the items that you have. We recommend that you keep receipts for more expensive items. We also recommend that you store the videos, photos, and receipts on the cloud away from your home in case your camera or paper files get destroyed in a fire or tornado. In fact, we supply a service for doing this right from your online account with our agency called your “digital locker”.

We love hearing about your unique home. We can really tell when someone has spent a lot of time and effort with making their home their own, which is why it is important to make sure the unique features of your home are properly documented in case of the unthinkable. Don’t be afraid to brag on your place a little bit- we won’t mind.

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