Engaged Couples- win a Honeymoon Fund!

On January 4th and January 5th Richards Group will be available at the Wonderful World of Weddings showcase at State Fair Park in Milwaukee, WI to discuss what happens after the wedding in terms of insurance coverage.

Three important topics include:

Life Insurance: When you get married- you want to make sure your spouse does not have to pay for your final expenses. With the average costs of a funeral/burial/headstone in Wisconsin being $10,000 – $15,000 being able to make sure your loved one has a method to pay for your memorial service in an efficient manner is something to make sure you take care of. Additionally, when you commingle bank accounts and assets (homes, cars, etc) and start signing for loans together, you want to make sure that if one of you passes away, the other has a way to pay off your debts so that your spouse does not start missing payments, etc.

Home/Auto Insurance: If you havent already spoken to your trusted advisor- if you live in the same household (or as soon as you do), make sure you are on the same auto policy. Make sure you are taking advantage of any married discounts. Lastly, make sure that everyone who is living in your household is listed on your policy (even if they are not the named insured).

Jewelry coverage: Weddings often involve some serious bling. Make sure you are covering your jewelry for loss, theft, and mysterious disappearance. Dont be afraid to talk to your trusted advisor about this coverage. Often times, it is very inexpensive to add a jewelry rider (it depends on how expensive the jewelry was) to your policy, but it can save you a ton of heartache later on.

During the wedding show, Richards Group will be having a Guess the Honeymoon Fund contest, where visitors to the booth can guess how much money is in the Honeymoon Fund box. At the end of the show, the person who either guesses the exact amount or comes closest without going over will win the contents of the Honeymoon Fund box. (Contents may include objects in addition to money).

Wed love to see you at the Wonderful World of Weddings show! Stop on by and bring a friend!


Note: Each person will be allowed to enter one time. If a person enters more than one time, only their first guess will be counted. If the winner is a tie- there will be a Facebook LIVE drawing using the website Random.org on Tuesday, January 8th. Richards Group reserves the right to convert coins/cash in the Honeymoon Fund Box to a check for ease of mailing and will retain the actual Honeymoon Fund Box itself.


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