Baby it’s cold out there

Winter in Wisconsin comes in many forms.  Snow, ice, freezing rain, freezing fog (yes, that’s a thing).  All of these winter events make driving very hazardous.

In a previous job, I used to drive throughout the state and during the winter months experienced some adventurous drives home.  The goal was to not get into an accident or end up in a ditch.

This week with the weather being so crazy- with mountains of snow being dumped on us one day and the wind chill being so cold exposed skin can develop frostbite in 5 minutes or less- it makes me realize even more just how important having a trunk was full of winter emergency items really is.

Honestly- I passed four cars in the ditch or even one on it’s roof on my way to work today- and the roads were perfectly clear.. that is… other than the black ice that formed on the roadway because the temperature is below freezing.

So here it is… a list of emergency items that I would recommend that you have in your car during these winter driving months:

Expect to wait for awhile during a major snowstorm for your tow because the tow companies will be responding to multiple customers at the same time.  Make sure to enter the towing contact info and account number in your phone or carry the identification card with you!

Hopefully, you never have an emergency on the road but if you do it is best to be prepared with these simple tips!


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