It’s a Win-Win-Win!

You get a $10 gift card.

You donate $10 to a non-profit-  and it doesn’t even come out of your own pocket.

And you get a chance to save money on your insurance and/or improve your coverage.

I call that a win-win-win.


There is no downside to this operation.

Here is how Richards Group operates our referral program.

  1.  Refer your friend/family/coworker/neighbor/to get an insurance quote from us.  You can have them call us, email us, or just go to this page of our website (click here). 
  2. Your referral will complete an insurance quote.  They are not required to purchase insurance from us, but they are required to complete the quote and talk to us about it.
  3. Once your referral has completed step 2- we will reach out to you to say “thanks”.
  4. You will then be asked if you would like a $10 gift card to Amazon or Target.  We will mail you your gift card.  (Or if you want, you can come pick it up.)
  5. You will also be asked which of the four non-profits you would like your charitable donation to go to:  Fisher House (Veteran families), Tricia’s Troops Cancer Connection, Milwaukee Street Angels (Homeless families), or The Women’s Center.     We tally up those donations and at the end of the year, we will be writing a check to each of those non-profits for $10 per referral donation.
  6. Your referral may or may not purchase their insurance that we quoted them- but that really has nothing to do with you- because you have done your part in this.  You can feel good about your $10 in your pocket and your non-profit donation and hopefully hooking your friend up with great agents and excellent coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, maybe not frequently…. but this is extra information that we want you to know.

  • Your referrals must live in Wisconsin.  We are only licensed to write business in Wisconsin- so that is only fair.
  • Your referrals can’t already have Allstate for their insurance.  We can’t write the same company over again.  We also can’t steal another agent’s customers.  That is a no-no.
  • Your referrals have to be eligible for insurance.  This means that they have to own a car,  own a house/condo,  or rent an apartment.  In other words- they have to actually have something to insure.  (And yes, this is being listed for a reason….)
  • Your referral cannot be a current customer.
  • You do not have to be a current customer in order to refer business.  If you are reading this and want to refer someone to us- but haven’t gotten a quote from us yet-  please- refer away.
    • It may be helpful for you to send us an email just to give us your contact info first… so we know who to thank and give the referral rewards to
    • And we would love to give you a quote as well…

What kind of insurance do you sell?

Tell your friends/family that Richards Group would be happy to do an insurance review for any of the following:

  • Auto (trucks, classic cars)
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Boats
  • Homes (cabins, secondary homes)
  • Condos
  • Renters insurance
  • Umbrella insurance (excess liability)
  • Life insurance


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